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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Team Wairarapa" at ValleyCon

Ten Wairarapa wargamers travelled to the Hutt Valley Wargaming Club's annual ValleyCon at the weekend. Thank you to Tom Leamy and his team for putting on a great fun convention.

Alistair, Peter, David, Ross, Warren, Vince, Andrew, Phil, Craig and club president, James made the trip over the hills and far away to the Upper Hutt YMCA.

Andrew played in the Ancient and Medieval competition, finishing third with Late Imperial romans.
Warren (Germans) and David (British) at each other during the World War 2 competition.

Phil, consulting the auguries. Phil also played in the Ancient and Medieval competition, using French Ordonnance.
Alister (right) organised a refight of the American Civil War Battle of Shiloh. Craig, a chap whose name I do not know, and James also played. Harley and Ceilidh also made the trip from the 'Rapa to check out the gaming.

Peter played in the Warmachine competition using Circle of Orboros. In the background to the left is Tom Leany the Hutt Club president.

A view of part of the hall.

Vince is not in the photos because that is me and I was taking the pics! Except the team photo which a fellow wargamer kindly took for us. I played in the Ancient and Medieval competition with Thracians and was doing okay until I lost my last game. I left having had a great time and keen for more :-)

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