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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sir Peter Jackson needs Wairarapa wargamers

Wairarapa wargamers can take part in Sir Peter Jackson's Gallipoli commemoration project. This story was in the Dominion Post this morning

The first of the figures arrived in the country a few days ago and Rhys Jones gave us 19 yesterday. In total, we will be getting 40 figures to paint and are making this a club project. If you would like to join in, please call Vince Cholewea on (w) 04 817 8560, (h) 379 6107, (m) 027 344 1073, or email 

The official blog for the project is to go live tomorrow. Here is a link to the preliminary info on Roly Hermans' blog…/sir-peter-jackson-needs-kiw…/

Rhys jones holding one of the Turkish figures

Kiwi soldier wearing battered "lemon squeezer"hat.
One of the first two boxes to arrive in New Zealand. 

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  1. Thank for posting this. Please keep us updated on the Wellington regional forum about your progress. pics of painting 'bees' etc very much appreciated! In fact, you could even repost the above to the forum.