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Our next meetings will be Sunday the 25th of September.

We meet at the Masterton Croquet Club, next to the mini-golf at Queen Elizabeth Park, on the second and last Sunday of each month, 1pm to 5pm.

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Hope to see you there, playing a game or just coming in to talk toy soldiers!

Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8 meeting - it's a sign!

At the Friday June 8 meeting Harley (King Arthur) and I (Saxons) played DBA. In the first game the Saxons attacked a wider British line at a disadvantage and I promptly rolled my first three combat dice, 6, 6, 6 . It's a sign! Once the warbands are that fired up it's hard to hold them.

Harley, son of Uther, ponders the battlefield.

In the foreground the British are forming their battle line. Arthur has the Red Dragon.

The view from the Saxon side.

We used the very easy to learn DBA rules. If you would like to learn get in touch with me. I can provide dozens of armies in 15mm, which Harley and I played, and 25mm. My contacts are 379 6107, 027 344 1073 and

There were also two games of Fantasy Battle and one of 40K, with a surprising number of people dropping in to see what was going on and to talk toy soldiers.

Callan's Space Marines were fueled by "Demon" and chocolate (not in the picture) as they took on Ben's Blood Angels. Was that a wargamer's dinner?

James used his new Mantic Games Vampire Counts against Jonathon's Chaos Warriors.

Gavin (Wood Elves), sporting an unseasonably short new hair cut, took exception to Simon's  Dwarfs. They had axes (aaaaaargh). In the end, the tree huggers prevailed.