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Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunday April 10 - the club campaign continues

The club campaign uses the quick play Fantasy rules, Hordes of the Things. It is run by Craig and uses a map of Italian city states around Rome. The armies are both Fantasy and historical.
Sunday saw all of victory, defeat, betrayal and plotting as the mid and late summer periods were played out in the club campaign.

Ross (Minas Morgul) has become the first casualty, retreating into his citadel when attacked by Craig (Hos Hostigos) and Neil (Bretonnians). The siege was unsuccessful. Ross's relieving army arrived and the besieged force sallied out but all to no avail. Dad and the other veteran prevailed, Ross's armies were defeated and his capital taken.

Meanwhile Andrew (Tyrannids) and Neil fought a skirmish with their smallest forces. Neil got the better of it but with such small numbers involved the outcome will probably not have a major impact on the campaign.

Young James (Lizardmen) and Peter (Tomb Kings) were led astray by John (Early Imperial Roman) and attacked their mentor and protector, Vince (Early Byzantine). The armies of Byzantium have converged under the leadership of Belisarius himself and will smite the whippersnappers in autumn. Trust me, I am a Byzantine.

The other major clash to come in autumn will be both Neil's armies supported by Craig taking on James Senior (Dwarves) and Andrew. One of Neil's armies will start on the table but the other and Craig's force will dice for arrival.

Rex (Napoleonic British) has been playing a cunning strategy and has allied himself with Neil and Craig. Rex also has an alliance with John. It seems to be paying off and the British web is spreading.

Intelligence is sparse about what Goblins one and two, Jim and David, are up too but I am sure we will find out soon enough.

My apologies for the lack of photos from the club meeting. I was unable to attend - it is a complicated story that includes a visit to an emergency vet in Maidstone.

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