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Monday, March 14, 2016

Dozen gamers get club campaign underway

The February 13 meeting had a dozen people playing in the first three seasons of the club campaign, and a few others dropping in too.

Craig has organised the campaign using the quick play Hordes of the Things Fantasy rules and a map of Italian city states and villages centered around Rome. The armies are a mixture of historical and Fantasy. It is being played at one club meeting each month.

The campaign generated lots of noise, four battles, a siege, a fifth battle to be played, and the understanding that of course you can trust me, I am a Byzantine. Peter and and James G learned a lesson about punctuality - they arrived late and had already lost most of their villages. A great northern alliance is forming and morphing each season, while in the South three factions have formed.

Here are some pix from the meeting, with the list of those in the campaign below.

Craig got off to a flying start in the first game (ho ho), which might become know as the Battle of  Six Ones. Neil was outside playing croquet so Craig stepped in using Neil's outnumbered Bretonnians vs Ross' Army of Minas Morgul. Andrew's Tyrannids were scuttling along to arrive on a flank at some time in support of the Bretonnians. Ross decided for immediate, all out attack before Andrew could intervene. Ross says it was his cunning plan - Craig said it was an appalling string of ones on his dice. Whoever you believe, the Tyrannids arrived just in time to see the Bretonnians routed! Andrew then chose to not engage and the Tyrannids marched off the table - brave, brave Sir Robin!
Rex (Napoleonic British), Jim (Goblins) and John (Early Imperial Roman) plotting. John appears to be paying his table fee - good man :-)
Grayson had come along to support dad, club president James (Dwarves), Craig (Army of Hos-Hostigos) is the top chap running the show, and Ross is clearly planning something cunning. 
Neil (Bretonnians), Jim (Goblins) and Craig (Army of Hos-Hostigos) - the game is afoot! 
The Battle of Six Ones in progress. Grayson and Craig are all eyes and ears as Andrew ponders the rules about not fighting! Rex and John are intrigued. Ross is not too worried. 
Jim and David played out a Clash of Goblins. No Titans here, just little, green, snot gobblers! 
Well, not exactly no Titans. David's Goblins had a hero on a very nasty budgerigar and the smaller but even nastier thing on the extreme right is a god he had summoned. Not a good day for Jim's Goblins but he fought most nobly against improbable odds to keep the "Team Evil" southern faction distracted. Did I tell you the "Righteous" southern faction includes the Early Byzantines?

Grayson about to roll dice for his dad, James (Dwarves). Andrew was providing moral support. Ross (Army of Minas Morgul) came unstuck this game when his hero collected a cannon ball.
Gregory brought along his Death Watch Overkill box to continue assembling the figures. 
Grayson and James checking out the embossed tiles that came with Gregory's Overkill set.

Some of the action in the hall. 
Team photo.-   Back row: Gregory, Ross, Rex, John, Andrew, James, Vince (Byzantines rock!), David. Front row: Ross, Peter, James G., Neil, Grayson, Craig, and Jim. Missing from photo: Callum.

Playing in the Hordes of the Things campaign are: Andrew, Tyrannids; Ross, Army of Minas Morgul; Craig, Army of Hos-Hostigos; John Early Imperial Roman; Peter, Tomb Kings; David Goblins; Jim Goblins; James T., Dwarves; Games G., Lizardmen; Neil, Bretonnians; Rex, Napolenoic British; Vince, Early Byzantines. 

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