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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cracks Call Fantasy tournament

Neil has been running "Cracks Call" Fantasy tournament at Rathkeale College this weekend. Photos and results to come. This is Neil's preview:

Well its all happening in Sylvania. The Vampire Counts are stirring and vying for power whilst the rest of the world is sleeping. There are some young upstart Counts against an very experienced army led by formidable twin brothers.

The Empire are in the middle of elections, Bretonnia have organised a national joust, and the  Lizardmen are building a spaceship. Khemri is quiet and not interested events to the north.

The elf apocalypse has run its course and there is just one elf army seeking revenge on the world led by one pretty mean woman that you wouldn’t want to bump into on a dark night.

The Chaos Gods are stirring things up from the North. Khorne has his own champion in Valkia, another woman you don't want to mess with. Even her own troops fear her. Meanwhile Tzeentch and Nurgle have joined forces and raised the daemons to march south displacing some Ogre tribes before them. Where is Slaanesh? Maybe he has covertly persuaded the Chaos Dwarfs to act as spoilers to the other Gods. The army does look formidable.

The usually strong contingent of Manawatu Dwarfs have decided to stay home and mine gold and drink beer. Only one clan has descended into Sylvania to reopen trade routes closed by the Sylvanian civil war. They have brought wagon trains of beer with them. Much to their surprise they met up with a completely unheard of clan from the valley across the mountain ranges. This clan is led by a young upstart, can't be more than 400 years old, far too young to be drinking Bugmans.

The dirty rats are still scuttling around trying to take advantage of any weaknesses they find and a tribe of inexperienced orcs and goblins are raiding out of the Border Princes spoiling for a fight to earn their reputation.

And so I introduce you to the armies of the battles of Cracks Call. If you want a peaceful life do not travel to Sylvania near the equinox.

The stage is set 

Cracks Call is being staged this weekend at Rathkeale College.
A Warhammer Fantasy event with 5 battles raging over the weekend
We had 14 players (now 12 due to sickness) with a variety of 2000 point armies.
The tournament is being played under 8.1 (NZ) edition rule set which can be found on the Fields of Blood blog. Four new tournament Fantasy players are trying their hand, which is great to see. 
Twitter updates will be provided during the tournament. 

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