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Our next meetings will be Sunday the 25th of September.

We meet at the Masterton Croquet Club, next to the mini-golf at Queen Elizabeth Park, on the second and last Sunday of each month, 1pm to 5pm.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Warmachine and Hordes at February 26 meeting

Chris Otton and Sean Lincoln came over from Wellington with several boxes of Warmachine and Hordes to put on participation games. Sadly, I forgot my camera and these photos are from my cellphone. Don't ever believe anybody who tells you a cellphone takes pictures just as good as an SLR ;-( Sophie, Peter and Sean playing Hordes .

The models and terrain looked great.

As well as the two Warmachine and Hordes tables, Vince and Harley played some games of DBA, Wargames Research Group's quick play Ancients rules. Harley had his first win! Didn't he do well? (Yay! crowd goes wild!)

Simon and Neil played Warhammer Fantasy, getting in some practice for Runefang in Wellington next weekend.

Callan and William played 40K, and Jacob and Raynor played Warmachine with Sean.

James was of course at the meeting and played Warmachine and Hordes, and a good number came through during the afternoon to see what was happening and to talk toy soldiers.

Many thanks to Sean and Chris for making the trip over the hill to the sunny Wairarapa. We had a great time ;-)


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  1. Awesome to see the Blog up and running Vince, also great to see a healthy group of gamers enjoying Warmahordes - well done guys can't wait to come over and have a game or two.