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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Marauders Meeting

Well folks, it's been a while coming, but here is the report on our first meeting - damn life, just keeps getting in the way of my wargaming!

Anyway, onto the battles:
The first group of battles were between Neil (Orcs and Goblins) and Raynor (Wood Elves) on one table and Callum (Empire) versus Jake (Dwarves) on the second.
The first game ended in a decisive victory for Neil - the Orcs broke Raynors right flank on the second turn and then rolled up the Wood Elves line despite some spirited defense. Raynors Waywatchers fired a last volley into the Orc ranks as they quit the field in the face of the Orc juggernaut.
On table 2, Jakes gun-line faced up to a nicely balanced Empire force led by Callum. The first 2 turns were some brutal carnage on both sides as Jakes 3(!) cannons and huge amounts of handguns cut down the brave men of the Empire, but sadly once the humans reached the line the stunties had quite a hard time of it. In one of the greatest moments I have seen in a game of Warhammer, Jakes cannon caught Callums knights in the flank, chopping them in a dazzling display of marksmanship, with Callums general only surviving by heroically shielding himself behind the corpses of his men (it wasn't for long though, as he got nailed by another cannon later in the game.
Round 1 had a win for Neil, and a win for Callum.

Round 2 had Jake facing Raynor and Callums Empire lining their guns up on there hereditary enemies - Neils Orcs. Raynor stymied Jake quite early in the piece by planting his extra forest in such a way that his Wardancers and Dryads had an almost uninterrupted run up the side of the board, whereupon (despite some spirited resistance from the Dwarfs) they were able to roll up Jakes line, taking out the doughty clansdwarfs and sending them to their ancestors.
On the other table, the Orcs appeared cowed by the awesome amount of firepower bought to bear by the Empire, advancing slowly and arguing amongst each other - however the two sides clashed eventually, leading to a narrow victory for Neil.

So, congratulations are in order for Neil and his Orc horde, taking home the trophy in the inaugural meeting of the Masterton Marauders!

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