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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pix from first day of Two-Day-Match

Pix from the first day of the Wairarapa Two-Day-Match, Saturday November 14. The second day is Saturday November 28. The tables in the hall are larger than the standard 8'x 6' we usually play on. Players are welcome to use the full width or measure off 8'.

You can also view on the club Facebook 

The day begins with the hall being set up.

There are, of course, armies. Here is a selection.

Kelly Gay, Palmeston North, Macedonians - Asiatic Early Successor

Peter Noble, Lower Hutt, Post-Mongol Samurai

Another shot of Peter's Samurai

Phil Gates, Greytown, Later Carthaginian

Andrew Brazendale, Carterton, Early Achaemenid Persian

Gary Lewis, Lower Hutt, Komnenan Byzantine

Doug Smith, Wainuiomata, Pre-Feudal Scots

Drew Fortune, Upper Hutt, Ottoman Turks

John van den Hoeven, Upper Hutt, Hittite allies for his Trojans

Alastair Duncan, Wellington, Western Sudanese

Mike Thorn, Lower Hutt, Huns

Some of the games in progress

Andrew (Early Achaemendi Persians) vs Peter (Post-Mongol Samurai)
Drew (Ottoman Turks) vs John (Trojans)
Paul Graham (Parthians) vs Mike (Huns). I first met Paul on 1979 when I rocked up to the Wellington Warlords wargaming club. He was the president and took me under his wing. So it's his fault!

Trophies: the one we play for and those on the walls of the hall.

The Horse Head Trophy, won last year by Peer Noble (Ptolemaic)
Mike at the Kitchen servery
Andrew, Early Achaemenid Persians in the round 2 top of the table clash

Foreground, John Zittersteijn, Featherston, Early Imperial Roman, vs Doug, Pre-Feudal Scots; background Che Tibby, Wellington, Seleucids vs Alastair, Western Sudanese.

Foreground, David McLachlan, Featherston, Marian Romans.

There was a Marlburian game too

David Nichols, Wellington, Craig Mabon, Carterton, and Rex Fowler, Masterton, setting up a 25mm Marlburian game using the Horse Foot and Guns rules.
Rex getting organised
Some of Craig's British cavalry.

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