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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Inaugural Wairarapa ODI

Story in Times-Age, Monday March 31

A big thank you to all our visitors from Palmerston North, Dannevirke, the Hutt Valley, and Wellington, it was great to see you at our place. Seventeen gamers played, with Scott and David Z. being a tag team.

The following was posted by Allen Yaxley of Upper Hutt on the New Zealand Wargaming Discussion Group:

Sat was spent playing 2 games in Masterton at a new event organised by Vince Cholewa. Started the day by meeting up at the Corner Cafe (Phil’s Place) with several other starving wargamers. Dirk's rather Large bowl of coffee & Peters minimal size plate laden with hash browns ,bacon, sausies, toast ,eggs & mushrooms. Dam good start. I was good & stayed with the bacon & eggs & 2 coffees.

Then on to Chanel College.

Game one was 450AP DBR. My New Model Parliamentarians V Drew’s 30 YRS War Swedish. A draw over 4 hours with Drew having lost 30.0 ME out of the 30.5 required for me to get a win. Great fun was had by all. His SH(f) having no luck.

Game two was Dirka Dirka's Arabs v my Post Mongol Samurai , DBMM 400AP. Dirk’s vastly superior numbers of cavalry & light horse were slowly but surely rolling up my flank while my blade toddled off through the centre for a stroll & managed a few wins. i was about to tip over the great Abyss into darkness when I managed a 4th attempted go at his CnC. Got Him.....

Great game & could have been a victory to the Arabs but for the grace of Allah. It was at this point that we both remembered the game weather conditions actually had wind & the possibility of rain ....dah.

Called it a draw and went to the White Swan for a pint.....or 2. I think John was on his 4th & cursing he ordered the Pizza instead of the fish n chips like Gary had.

Thanks Vince, nice day for gaming.

The Chanel College hall on Friday night. Thank you Jacob ;-)
The hall on Saturday morning.

My second opponent, John van den Hoeven. John used 16th century Valois French against my 17th century Polish.
My first opponent, Paul Graham. Two varieties of Persians - my Seleucids and Paul's Sassanids.
In 1979, a little before my 17th birthday, I rocked up to the Wellington Warlords and Paul took me under his wing, encouraged me, lent me rules, and involved me in games of toy soldiers. He recognised me but I did not recognise him. He had been at school with my brother who is eight years older than me. 

Through playing with toy soldiers I am still in contact with men I met going back over 35 years. Pretty cool, eh?

A fine body of men. From left: John Zittersteijn, Andrew Brazendale Peter Noble, Kelly Gay, Phil Gates, Chris Wheeler, Alastair Duncan, Gary Lewis, David McLachlan, a peak of Allen Yaxley's head, Drew Fortune, Paul Graham. Scott Neilsen, Vince Cholewa, John van den Hoeven, Doug Smith, David Kintzet, Dirk Heinsius.

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