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Our next meetings will be Sunday the 25th of September.

We meet at the Masterton Croquet Club, next to the mini-golf at Queen Elizabeth Park, on the second and last Sunday of each month, 1pm to 5pm.

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Hope to see you there, playing a game or just coming in to talk toy soldiers!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 27 meeting

The October 27 meeting was quite small, with only two games being played. Both were historical match ups, though not refights of actual battles.

Andrew and Craig played a 15mm Napoleonic game, using the Napoleon's Battles rules. Each had a corps from the French invasion of Russia in 1812 . Andrew used Russians, and  used Saxons Napoleon's army.
David and

Vince (in ethnic t-shirt)  played 15mm Ancients.
This is part of David's army, Macedonians, with Philip II as King and some boy, his son, Alexi, Alexapov, something like that, commanding the Companions and other cavalry. Vince used Thebans. The Kingdom of Macedonia and  the city state of Thebes and her allies were chief protagonists in the wars that eventually ended the independence of Greek city states and established Macdonia as the dominant power in the balkans. Philip did not live long after his victory. He was assassinated, probably by one of his household guard, and "the boy"eventually  followed his father as king. 

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