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We meet at the Masterton Croquet Club, next to the mini-golf at Queen Elizabeth Park, on the second and last Sunday of each month, 1pm to 5pm.

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Monday, September 30, 2013

September 29 meeting - the biggest we have had?

The meeting on Sunday September 29 was possibly the biggest we have had. It was great to see so many people come along and play games. Six tables were being used for a wide range of periods. Come along to our next meeting and join in too. 

Our venue, the Masterton Croquet Club.

Jacob, Ben, Simon (wearing ethnic scarf) and Alexander played Lord of the Rings Risk.

Gary (Free Australian) and Ross (Republique de France) played Dystopian Wars.

Neil (Bretonnians) and Aaron (Ogres) played Warhammer Fantasy.

Andrew and Craig played the World War 2 variant of Wings of War. As you can see, Craig has boxes of planes!

It was definitely a day for Warmachine.  Peter and James facing off.

Then it was Peter and David .
And the big bash, James, David, Peter, Jacob and Thomas. Armies included, but were not limited to, Cyrx, Cygnar, Legions of Everblight, Skorn and Circle. Variations on spelling are entirely mine!

David and Vince played Ancients.

David (Patrician Romans) giving them the chop!

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