Club meetings

Our next meetings will be Sunday the 25th of September.

We meet at the Masterton Croquet Club, next to the mini-golf at Queen Elizabeth Park, on the second and last Sunday of each month, 1pm to 5pm.

Our other web presences are:

Twitter: @mastermarauders


Facebook Group: Masterton Marauders

For more information contact James on 022 691 6511 or email

Hope to see you there, playing a game or just coming in to talk toy soldiers!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Business as Usual

Hey chaps and chappettes. how goes it?  I apologise for the long silence from the blog here - many of our members have been busy with the tournament season, work or family, so we simply haven't had any time to update!

We'll be meeting on April the 28th (this Sunday) from 1pm for Games Day.  Hope to see you all there!


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