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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monthly Review - October

Notice the misleading title - it suggests that we often do these reviews, and perhaps you have simply missed all the previous ones.  What it really means, is that Vince has been busy the last couple of meetings, and I've been to busy in-between to write up a report on them!

Our Friday meeting this month was fairly exciting for me - I finally got a chance to test out the Kings of War rulebook that has been sitting on my bookshelf for the last few months.  Kings of War is a fantasy, massed battle game, by Mantic Games.  It's written by Alessio Cavatore (some of our older members may remember his name from the glory days of Games Workshop), and is described as "Warhammer-lite" on a lot of on-line forums.  This epithet is usually bandied about by people who haven't actually played it, because it is a very different beast to Warhammer.  Yes, they both use 28mm miniatures, both are a "compnay-level" game, but they play very differently.  I won't go into too many more details here, suffice it to say that Harley and I (Kingdoms of Men and Undead respectively) had a very fun game (the men trouncing the hordes of the undying) and are looking forward to more.

On the other table, Peter and Ben had some games of Warmachine, with Ben pitting the iron of Khador against the armour of Skorne.  I'm not sure of the score, but Ben was crowing to me about his first Warmachine victory, so obviously fun was had.  We also had a couple of other guys popping in for a visit and a chat, so a nice night in all.

The Sunday games this month was a relatively quiet affair - with Peter, Neil and Simon off at a weekend tournament for Warhammer, we were missing some of the usual suspects.  Craig had bought along some older boardgames (Kingmaker, a game I have fond memories of playing with Harley, and Temple of the Beastmen.  Not sure about this one myself, but Craig said it had been released along with Space 1889 (a Victorian speculative-fiction wargame about wars between Earth and Mars) and had some rather spiffing miniatures with it.) and so the lads settled down for an afternoon.  I had a trailer load of topsoil to unload, so had to leave for a while, but when I came back Ross and James H. had played the Temple of the Beastmen, and Aaron, Craig and Harley were engaged in a battle to get their particular King on the British throne.  I spent the afternoon gluing miniatures together while talking to James H. about starting out in wargames, and Jacob gave Ross an impromptu sword-fighting lesson.


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