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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Team Wairarapa at Call to Arms

Call to Arms is the Wellington Warlords annual convention. This year it was also the club's 40th anniversary. Fittingly, it was held at St Patrick's College, Wellington. The first meeting was on St Patrick's Day, 1972. At that first meeting eight people played an American Civil War game, using several boxes of Airfix toy soldiers. This year on August 18-19, 158 people took part at Call to Arms. Among the 158 was the eight-strong Team Wairarapa (go team!). It was fantastic weekend - well done the organisers. Here is a selection of photos from the weekend.

Warlords club president, Michail Woolf, (left) and Alastair Duncan opened the convention with the traditional reading from Harry Pearson's delightful autobiography of himself as a wargamer "Achtung Schweinehund". 
Seven members of Team Wairarapa: Vince, Neil, Peter, Simon, Aaron, David and Phil.
The eighth man, Stuart.
 A view across the St Patrick's College school hall. My brother's name is on the honours boards  you can see in the background but, sadly, mine is not.
Among the visitors were the Perry twins of GW, Foundry and Perry Miniatures fame  .  They are in Wellington working with Weta Studios on merchandise for the Hobbit movies. Details are all highly commercially sensitive. If they told us any more Sir Peter Jackson would have had to shoot them and bury them in the backyard. From left, Alan Perry, Alastair Duncan and Michael Perry check out Hinton Hunt figures from the 1970's.
Team Wairarapa's David Kinzett in action. David used Anglo Danes in the 25mm Ancient tournament and finished second.
Team Wairarapa's Phil Gates ponders "what the ---- is Dirk doing?" Phil used Polybian Romans and  Dirk used  "Astrerixian Romans". That is, the whole army is made up of figures from the Asterix books - very cute and winner of the best army.  
Simon is pondering what those nasties are going to do to his Dwarfs! Not only did Simon score two 20-0 wins but at the barbecue on Sunday he scored five sausages wrapped in bread, two steaks, onions and coleslaw. Clearly he is deprived and starved at home.
Stuart's beastmen are things of beauty - in a beastly sort of way!
A German armoured train from the Flames of War competition. A very useful engine, peep, pip, peep!
Part of a large Dystopian Wars demo game. 

Somewhere in the Middle East.

 Vince posted this commentary and pictures.

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