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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wings of War

You may be aware that over the past 18 months or so there has been little activity in the 'Wings of War' arena, primarily because the European company that published the games (Nexus) curled up its toes some time ago due to the global recession.

In more recent times a new company (Ares) has taken over the publishing role for these games and minis, and we're at the stage where the first new items have started to reach New Zealand's shores -- a great day for aviation gamers!! For your reference the game ranges have now been renamed 'Wings Of Glory'.

We at the Historical Aviation Film Unit have decided that we will continue to provide a local New Zealand on-line source for these Wings Of Glory items, as a service to those enthusiasts who are interested in playing the games and/or collecting the miniatures as they're released.

With that in mind we've just spent a couple of days updating the Wings Of Glory parts of our on-line store, updating it with new details, adding new pricing information, and also linking back to the New Zealand importers website so that you can check on the local availability of any items with a couple of mouse clicks -- gone are the days when you need to ask us if we have stock, and then we need to chase up the importers (PixelPark) to find out if they have any.

You can find the World War One items here:

And we're now going to offer the WW2 items as well:

For those of you who have only previously used one or the other, please note that the game mechanisms vary somewhat between the WW1 and WW2 versions. They're not interchangable.

Here are a few other things you need to be aware of:

* We've dropped the per unit pricing of almost all the items as we no longer build the shipping component into the individual prices.

* There will now be an additional one-off  shipping charge of NZ$11.50 for any order containing Wings of Glory items from our website. Sorry folks, but shipping costs just keep going up and we can't absorb all of them.  This charge will be added to your order whether you select the appropriate shipping method on the checkout page of our store or not!

* Because of the cost of these items, and the small number of customers purchasing them, we're not going to be keeping a large amount of stock on hand.  Rather we'll generally be purchasing it from the NZ Importers on an as-needed basis.

* The individual page for each item (e.g. now has a direct  clickable link so that you can "Click here to double-check current NZ stock levels".  That is you can use this facility to double-check and see if there is stock on hand with the NZ Importer -- if there is, there shouldn't be a problem filling your order.  If there's not, then you may want to check with us first and see if we have any stock left.

* Please bear in mind that we're not selling these items to make a lot of money. In fact one of our partners keeps asking why we're selling them at all as the profit margins are so negligible. The reason we're offering this service to NZ gamers who live outside of the range of any brick and mortar stores selling WoG items is because we're passionate about aviation and gaming, and we want to be able to offer this as a service so you have a local online source for these items.  Some of our prices may be a little more expensive than brick and mortar retailers who do nothing but sell toys and games, but we hope you will support us anyway.

Best regards,
Allan Udy

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