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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hutt Club 12 May 2012: Welcome to FoW 3

Simon McBeth organised a "welcome to Flames of War 3" day at the Hutt Valley Wargaming Club meeting yesterday. It was a roaring success with 10 tables of FoW involving about 25 people. Less experienced players and newbies were mentored by Simon and other experienced gamers. A top effort, many thanks Simon ;-)

Simon explaining niceties of the rules to Ben.

Six of us made the trip from over the hills and far away (i.e. the sunny Wairarapa): Scott, Craig, Ross, Harley, Simon and me.

Harley, unknown onlooker (my apologies), and Simon are instructed by Nick.

It wasn't just FoW, there were also three tables of 25mm Ancients, several Hordes and Warmachine league games, Malifaux, Infinity, and Dystopian Wars (Craig's very cute "Steam Punk" game). As you can imagine, the hall was full and I apologise if I have missed anyone's game.

Craig brought his Teutonic Knights and played John who used Russians.

My opponent, Doug, with his Lancastrians. I used the mighty Thracians! I have been fascinated by the Thracian tribes since I first read about them but it is an army made up mostly of light infantry and light horse.I got it just for fun but after four games it is still unbeaten - go figure.
Michail and Tim were promoting Call to Arms, which, this year, will be the Wellington Warlords 40th anniversary. Be there guys, August 18-19 at St Patrick's College, Wellington. It will be a most excellent event.


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