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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

31st July Battle Report

Big thank you to Aaron for taking the time to type up this Games Day report and take the photos! Hope you all enjoy it.

This Sundays battles were particularly varied and great, Four epic battles took place incorporating Fantasy, 40k and Napoleon wars???

The first battle report is from Craig and Ross Mabon.

British at Seringpatam (April 1799) vs French at Heliopolis, (March 1800)

The French camels charged a brigade of Bengali Sepoys who failed to form square. The Sepoys were supported by a brigade of Hyderabad irregulars and managed to rout the camels.

The Hyderabad cavalry then pursued into the Mameluks, uncontrolled and were promptly routed themselves. The Mameluks showed no more control and pursued into the Bengali sepoys who this time did form square, and duly repulsed the Mameluks.

In the centre there was an inconclusive encounter between a brigade of British Line and a brigade of French Combined Grenadiers.

The final act was the capture of a French 4pound battery by a brigade of Machras Sepoys.

There was a quick game of Fantasy Dark elves (Darcy) vs Vampire Counts (Blair). Through much cheating, lying and blatant disregard of the opponents wishes Blair got tell that he had won first and so was recorded as having done so.

A three way game of 40k with the uneasy alliance of Dark angels Space Marines and Chaos run by Tom and Jake respectively vied for control of three key structures against Wills who was in control of a Necron Horde.

First a Necron destroyer surged forward firing at the chaos rhino in a spectacular flash that did nothing, the loyal warriors teleported into battle with their Ctan lord to aid their immortal brothers and unleashed a salvo towards the general direction of the Chaos lord which landed harmlessly at his feet.

Five chaos terminators vaporised a unit of 20 Necrons with their powerfists, in retribution the Necron destroyers finished off the rhino.

The Dark Angels terminators repaid the debt by taking down the Destroyers.

Enraged the Ctan destroys all in his wake bar two units of chaos to tell a story of fear to others. Unfortunately in his rage the Ctan lost sight of the objective and the combined forces of Dark Angels and Chaos secured the objectives.

Special note for the Space Angels who had the brilliant tactic of hiding behind the Chaos forces so that they took the brunt of the attack.

The other Fantasy battle of the day was Neils Bretonnians vs Aarons Ogre Kingdoms.

There was a dawn attack with the Ogres believing they had the upper hand with the opportunity to move first. They soon found that they were no match for the shiny little men on their horses with pointy bits.

Neil and Aarons Favorite Bretonnian unit of his was the knights of the realm which cut a swath through Gnoblars on the right flank before destroying the annoying Scraplauncher and causing the Ironguts to turn Tail and run (with a roll of a double six I might add) to win the battle.

The favourite Ogre Kingdom unit was the Ironguts with butcher whose spells destroyed the Pegasus riders and caused fear in multiple units. They attempted to take on the knights of the realm but were no match for cursed dice rolls.

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